from the seventies
1970's - a late hippie, graduated by accident and ready to become a working class hero.
from the eightees
1980's - rated as my best years so far, and I'm trying to stick back to my old used to be.
from the eightees
1990's - no, I've never been jailed. It's my passport photo, and they always look twice.
from year 2001
2001 - credit card photo. The magnetic strip makes sure I am the one.
from year 2007
2007 - WTF is goin' on ...?

Born in Oslo 22th of November 1955, five minutes to midnight, it makes me a real bordercase between Scorpion and Sagittarius and thus maybe slightly scizo. I can hardly remember anything at all from my first six years, because the capitol of Norway is mean as Hell, and I've most probably supressed it all. I still want that town to burn and rot. Fortunately I grew up further in rural areas, with the forest next to my shoulder and lakes and rivers within just a short distance. This implanted a deep devotion to the nature and wildlife in my mind, and fixed it, though I've been mostly urban during my mature life.


At the age of ten they said I was a wonderboy. Late teenages I was barely mediocer, and at the age of thirty I was regarded a dip. Approaching the fifties I'm still a sucker, but now I've learned to take advantage of it. And I'm glad I never made a career, cause it would probably have taken the very best of me. Maybe I carry the burden of too many possibilities without having any particular skill. This has brought me to several kinds of nourishment, but never given me a real occupation or profession. As a sixth-former I headed for studying Marine Biology as well as I started - and completed - a course in Commercial Illustration and Design. I still keep myself updated in natural science, but it never brought me a dime. I'm still doing graphical design and illustrations, but I'm lousy in marketing, and thus I've never been able to make it a living.


I graduated more or less by accident, and dropped out of my academical career without ever have been sorry. As a matter of fact I don't regret too much at all can't win'em all, and you can't get it back... I was fed up with rigid scholar systems, stupid subjects and harsh teachers, and wanted the freedom a salary gives you. So I dumped into rigid working schedules, stupid quality systems and harsh foremen instead. New skin for the old ceremony.


Now you probably think I'm a stubborn, ungrateful and arbitrary bastard. You're right. I belong to those who frankly maintain individual rights, asserting that the community should be adjusted to fit the people and not the opposite. This is my one and only political statement and engagement, and I don't take any discussion. I've been paying high taxes for more than 25 years after all, I'm fighting with my health to keep on giving my share to the community for another 20, and I feel myself entitled to being paid attention to.


Yup, I've been doing quite a lot of strange things, and I know people in any walk of life. I've been an industrial worker, making window panes and wallboards for years. I've been working as a barkeeper, guard, painter, carpenter, lumberjack ...a typical utility man, very often for free, and that's why I don't list my phone number: being kind gives you good conscience but still bad digestion. You can't eat your reputation. For the last 15 years I've been stuck mostly with graphical business, as a newspaper printer, packaging printer, reprotechnician, printing ink specialist, Mac operator ...all this widespread experience brought me to Egypt as a printing supervisor, cause they didn't look for certificates, only results.


That's where "Khawaga" comes from. In the Egyption lingo of Arabic it means not directly "stranger", but more politely "not from this area". Some kids at the beach of the Suez Channel hollered this at me for fun and curiousity, and since absolutely no arab were ever able to pronounce my name without making me laugh my head off, I changed it. Stupid enough I told people about it, and they bloody put the nickname on me here, too. But maybe they're right. Maybe I AM khawaga wherever I go.


Well, THAT adventure collapsed in a quarrel for inadequate reasons. Egyptian people are very hospitable, and I made more real friends through those few years than I ever did before, and being a person without religious convictions I faced very few contradictions living among them. But I was never able to aquire the very special attitude that pervades their business matters. So here I am, approaching the age of fifty, putting myself back to school for another year to get those darned certificates they fuss about. Heading for a system engineer, web designer or both. Most likely I'll make it this time. However, I have no choice, nobody's willing to support me ...nobody walks my footprints, nobody walks beside me and nobody walks ahead. It may sound a bit lonely, and sometimes it is, but it gives me pretty much freedom.


That's it, folks. A summary, a digest of a bewildered wonderboy's drifting through an unpredictable future, taking whatever came in his way, growing old and bitter, no, just kidding. If you still got some breath, you can read a bit more about me by simply scrolling down the list of lyrics. Each and every one of those means something special to me after all. You can mail me from HERE. Have a nice time!

childhood residence
the KHAWAGA childhood residence
2007 residence
the KHAWAGA residence 2007
the KHAWAGA tomcat "Ambush"
office corner
the KHAWAGA office corner
in memoriam Inger Scott
In memory of my darling companion Inger, a victim of cancer at the age of only 42.