come all you rounders if you wanna hear the story about a brave engineer
Casey Jones was the roller's name on a six-eight wheeler course he won his fame 
caller called Casey bout half past four • he kissed his wife at the station door
he climbed in the cabin with his orders in his hand 
said "this is the trip to the Promised Land"

through south Memphis yards on a fly • rain been a fallin' and the water was high 
everybody knew by the engine's moan that the man at the throttle was Casey Jones 
well Jones said "fireman don't you fret" • Sim Webb said "we ain't a-givin' up yet
we're eight hours late with the southbound mail 
we'll be on time or we're leavin' the rails"

dead on the rail was a passenger train • blood was a boilin' in Casey's brain 
Casey said "hey now look out ahead • Sim jump! Sim jump! or we'll all be dead"
with a hand on the whistle and a hand on the brake • north Mississippi was wide awake
I see railroad officials said
"he's a good engineer to be a laying dead"
headaches and heartaches and all kinds of pain are all a part of a railroad train
sweat and toil • the good and the grand • are a part of the life of a railroad man

Casey Jones • climbed in the cabin
Casey Jones • orders in his hand 
Casey Jones • leanin' out the window
taking a trip to the Promised Land

                                   wallace saunders • t.l.seibert • ernie newton