candlelights burning down softly
words flying swiftly away
mean more than adventures you told me
and evening winds whisper me what's gone astray
moonlight will best hide our patterns
twilight will be our best friend
they will take our dreams back to heaven
and leave them where every one can be friends
show your light for the world to see
show your life • show your dignity
blow your horn • it sounds smooth to me
the echoes are swirling around this old brain used to be

night flying moths now surrounding
a sound of a far away town
make it like angels' compounding
this bright autumn night to be made for our own
clowds cover up the horizon
colors so scary and dark
the lives we are building relies on
the tumbling clouds with their glittering spark
of the night • as it passes away
comes the dawn • if it finds our way
catch the dream • it's just one million thoughts
away from the wondering ways we both thaught that it was

come with me now • it is time for departure
a long pleasant night has come through
pack up your things • you need nothing but courage
and I need just nothing but you
come some broken illutions and knots of confusion
but frightning and fear will be gone
there'll be valleys of hope • there'll be peace down the slope
as the sandman steps forwards • a watchman goes homewards
the night disappears into dawn