If you mainly use MAC or some *NIX system, you'll find most of this information inadequate. Even though I started with an Apple II computer - a tribute to this can be found with my 404 Page - and quite often been working with Macs in job situations, my pile of software depends on MS Windows. I have seriously tried converting to Linux, and as for internet use it suits me well, but Open Source software has a significant lack of ability in grafical production. But still, you may read this, I hope. Me devoting my time writing this ... you scumming it. Deal?

KHAWAGA ALBUM has been out there somewhere for bloody ages, compared to the average lifetime of a "normal" webpage. It's a restless bastard. It's been hosted by several webhosts through these years, most often for free. Only 2 of them still exists. Now I suppose it's come home at last, as I decided to kinda merge it with my norwegian bulletin board on as the "Busker's Songbook" division. For the last years it's been very rarely updated. Some 6 years ago, with the last brief update, I wrote the following quotations for the Technical Stuff section. As my year 2007 comments show, time sure passes by.

QUOTE 11th SEPT 2001

KHAWAGA ALBUM is made with plain text generator. It sticks to the HTML3-standard, and contains no script that should cause problems with any net browser. If you face any strange behaviour, please mailback.

I still use plain text generator solely, but I've found powerful substitutions for the poor notepad. Right now I'm in love with CONTEXT, after a short and acute combat with EMACS and a couple of similar complicated bloatware. Nowadays I stick to (X)HTML 1.0, basing all layout and design on CSS2 and the box-model. At its birth, KHAWAGA ALBUM was some masterpiece of intricated tablework, salted with single pixel cols and rows, penetrated with spacers and drenched with font- and centertags. Already at the time I wrote the 2001-stuff, I was about to hunt and kill those varmints. Now they're completely exterminated.

QUOTE 11th SEPT 2001

The clever application "Arachnophilia" is frequently used to save time, for instance in substituting picture files and href's. This tiny and informative application I recommand to people wanting to build their own pages without being familiar with the basics, and instead of using any "WYSIWYG" ("What You See Is What You Get"). Those bastards will take you into conflicts between different net browsers. It's availible for free, courtesy of PAUL LUTUS, an intelligent programmer with a special attitude. Put on blinkers not to acquire his inclination to MS Internet Explorer ... ARACHNOID: Home of the Arachnophilia

Paul Lutus is still alive and kicking, I still regularily visit his HOMEPAGE. Almost exactly 10 years older than me, he loaded this in 1996, approximatly at the time I discovered HTML by accident - see my CV PAGE - using his software unintentionally. Lutus is namely the inventor and author of the Apple Writer. I'm not so very fond of Arachnophilia any longer; it's been rewritten in Java and behaves rather strange. Besides, I don't need it. Actually I never did. But I share Lutus' opinion of the Microsoft World - for Heaven's sake, read his BOYCOTT article. With his permission, I translated the predecessor into norwegian, and I'm about to do the same now.

QUOTE 11th SEPT 2001

Pictures are briefly treated with Adobe Photoshop 3.0. But this good old application can't handle GIF version 89a, so for transparence and animated picts I assist it with Paint Shop Pro 6.0, a powerful and cheap shareware application. The tools are a bit clumsy, but the possibilities are quite similar to the latest versions of Adobe Photoshop, and at a very favorable price. JASC INC

Chucle, that old PS3 still runs on my veteran PC from 1994, and it still performs daily tasks. It serves my scanner, which SCSIcard doesn't fit a modern motherboard. And modern scanners doesn't fit neighter me nor my wallet ... thus, I still rely on this Pentium 110 based machine, to take the best out of my excellent A3 flatbed. Those devices, and this solid software, has so far performed more than sufficient daily tasks for more than 13 years. Beat that with your monthly upgrades! I admit that PS3 is a little bit ... retarded? I'm up to version 6, and I'm going to stay there. I don't accept Adobes' licensing conditions, just like I do not accept Microsofts. I'm not a very advanced neighter artist nor consumer of artwork, and what PS6 cannot perform, open source applications like GIMP will. I'd also like to share this one with you: IRFANVIEW is an intelligent freeware for most purposes. I use it daily. Why start that PS-monster only to treat pictures? #¤%§ Adobe and all #¤%§ing bloatware from #¤%§ing greedy companies, and #¤%§ their unnecessary, unwanted but pestered frequent upgrades!

QUOTE 11th SEPT 2001

Some graphical effects come from Corel Draw Versions 4 and 6. Paint Shop Pro could have performed even those, but I've gotten used to Corel. If you want a graphical application able to do whatever you wish - and got some money to spend - support this company. They are an institution in graphical design, ended up in economical trouble and need you as a customer. You won't be disappointed. COREL INC

The year after I wrote this, I got the Corel8 Graphical Suit, and I still use it where I can. The succeeders are far from version 8 in simplicity, efficiency and user-friendliness. In addition to Corel 10 and 12, I brought my Illustrator up to CS level, to solve the compatibility problems regarding EPS and PDF-files from consciousless artworkers. Never got less for such an investment. I might as well use the INKSCAPE, which is absolutely free like the GIMP, and clever with a few exceptions within the range of file format compatibility and tool arrangement. Recommended!

QUOTE 11th SEPT 2001

You are probably using Microsoft Internet Explorer. Most people do, because everybody does, thanks to Microsoft's aggressive marketing department and their disputed ways of integrating the browser with the operating system. There are better ones: "Netscape Communicator" from version 4.5 and "Opera" from version 3.6 give you undoubtfully better net performance. Ever since December 2000, "Opera 5.0" has been released for free in supported mode, and the banner you have to live with will cause less irritation than IExplore's proprietary behaviour. Also, "Opera" will occupy less than 10 Mb (loaded without Java it's down to floppy size) and give you maximum convenience.

I think we can forget about Netscape :-D version 6 had a 10 minute visit on my network some years ago, and I didn't even keep the CD it came from. Right now, Opera has released stable 9.2, and Mozilla the Firefox 2.0. These are the only net browsers completely regardless of OS platforms, and both are splendid. Your choise depends on your needs and taste. In addition, apples have the modern and standard-compliant Safari, and penguins' got the incredible Konqueror. IE 7? It took Microsoft more that 6 years to reinvent the wheel, and make it square.

QUOTE 11th SEPT 2001

Afraid of viruses, trojan horses, macro viruses and worms? Don't really want to spend money on protection, cause you think you have full control? OK, if you really know what you're doing, no damage should be done to your computer by accident. But if you're broadband, they may get you anyway, especially if you're using MS Outlook or MS Outloook Express. "Computer Associates" offers you free personal Anti-Virus Protection. They upgrade every month at least, and give you a warning when you have to download new dat-files. Recommended from: COMPUTER ASSOCIATES INC

Computer Associates ran themselves out of business. They thought they had catched enough users, to make the service rentable. They were wrong. After they discarded the common license agreement and changed both name, program and general attitude, people abandoned and were scattered like dry leaves. This leaf fell down on the Chec company Grisoft. For almost seven years, they have sheltered me for free. This favour has resulted in buying a license for my company, which was stuck with Norman Defense, and a few licenses from other companies, whom I'm involved with ... and very often been a consultant in security matters ... and God knows the time I've spent picking out Norton/Symantec creeps with a pincer.
A reliable Windows System allows only *one* anti-virus running at a time. This doesn't prevent other programs to be installed; they simply have not to be resident. Install Avast in addition, and tell it to work when you need to doublecheck a downloaded file. Here's where you go for it: http://free.grisoft.com In addition you'll need a firewall better than the poor in-buildt MS-one. gives you the best. It stops anything you want, and in fact - especially with the "pro" version (sorry, not for free but rather cheap) - Zone Alarm acts and works like a proxy. Get it! I've spent #¤%& hours in front of a monitor since the mid-eightees, and was involved with Arpanet back in the ages of stone ...

QUOTE 11th SEPT 2001

KHAWAGA ALBUM is constructed and maintained with an obsolete Pentium 100, running Windows 95 UK, an early version that doesn't contain bloody MS IExplore. This system includes a second boot-up on the dinosaur Windows 3.1, at the bottom it relies on the petroplyph DOS 6. I never found FAT32 nescessary, and the mother board probably won't accept it. This machine was bought at the autumn of 94, survived the early version of the haunted "95", had a half-year trip through Windows NT 3.51 and was brought back to Windows 3.11. Then I finally and fortunally got this 95 UK version : ever since, I've never faced a "blue screen" without acting provocating. Reliability rules. Windows 98 WILL bring you problems, and Windows 2000 is a monster. What I try to say is that your old system may be good enough. Don't fiddle around with things that work.

I'm running XP now. I thought I never would. I even bought it ... then cracked it with the universal code available all over the internet, to get rid of the MS interference. It's a fairly good OS, after stripping it down as far as I could. I'm gonna stay here, and not even an earthquake will make me upgrade to Vista. "Hasta la vista, Vista" a friend of mine said, and left the windows platform for good. This guy is not an adventurer; he is a professional programmer. But I am a professional designer, and addicted to software not available on platforms outside Win or Mac, so far. Time will come. This bottom line has followed me through mail and forums for years: "Humans are destined party animals; technology will follow" - Linus Torvalds
It's an Intel 4 now, as a workstation. 1 Gb RAM. AMI motherboard. It serves 4 HD's (2 Western Digital Caviars, 1 Quantum and 1 IBM SCSI), a CD-station from Creative Labs and a DVD burner also from Creative. 6 USB ouputs brought to the front. Not a reasonable slot left in this midi tower, and I adore this machine. But my next will probably be an apple cage, despite the costs.

QUOTE 11th SEPT 2001

KHAWAGA ALBUM is made because I had the time and opportunity to do it. I feel a little bit proud of it. If you don't find what you are searching for here, try OLGA - the ultimate lyric and tab search.

OLGA is dead. In the United States, you are not allowed to share lyrics. They are coming to take you away if you're making sites like this one. The music business could have lost a few dimes, you know ... you should *really* have paid some bloody bucks for the lyrics of "This Land Is Your Land", shouldn't you? And even more bucks to get the simple tablature. The author of this song always performed with a sticker on his good old Gibson: "This machine kills fascists". I approve that. This website is made and maintained in the spirit of Woody Guthrie, and it's gonna be out there somewhere for the rest of my life. "Whatever they try to do, they can't stop the show" - Stan Ridgway

QUOTE 11th SEPT 2001

KHAWAGA ALBUM is no library or forum, but I've always got the time to help or simply talk to people sharing my interests. You'll reach Khawaga at: MAILBACK

In this manner, I haven't changed too much, except for not dealing my mail addresses in public since long time ago. It is estimated that half of the internet traffic is illegal spam. @-harvesting robots vacuum any website of any kind for mail addresses, reveal almost any camouflage and supply web criminals and fraudulent actors with material to turn internet into a giant advertising machine ... and even worse, the worlds hugest crap dump. Hence, I leave you a mail form instead. Go for it HERE.

khawaga, 1st of August 2007.