C Flat : C Major 9

so long my old friend
we won't meet again
singing the songs we used to
times surely change
getting revenge
for all of this stuff we refused to
sing on to a dubious crew just howling for "yeah she loves you"
we're out of date • we're far out of fate
ahead stands the club and the weight

so long my guitar
your old frets and bar
soon will be dirty and dusty
strings blowing my brain
won't quiver again
and gonna be stained and rusty
chords so bright won't ligthen the night reaching the whithering height
but swirling around they'll fall to the ground
and whisper the silently sound

so long harmonies
just out of the breeze
you came and you left like the wild goose
ruling songs so severe
it really was nearly
painful to break out and get loose
I will be augmented and free; the diminuished be swept down the alley
majors will split : minors will sit
and wait for the sevenths to grit

so long to my song
you never grew long
and not even single recorded
not even licensed my name
my wallet's to blame
I never could really afford it
by and by : where and why : I'd heard it before and just caught it
it started C flat and according to that
ended fine in C major nine