say ... it's the closing of the day
I'm about to go away and I don't know really where
I'm sitting here confused
got the feeling being used
for issues I don't care
I only climbed the stair
leading to nowhere

but I couldn't leave the attic
I couldn't stand the walls
I couldn't realize
I couldn't compromise
I didn't heed the calls

now ... the evening comes somehow
I'm following the crowd that's bound for home and love
I've seen their caves and hives
I've been living many lives
I've been married I've been graved
I've been born and I've been saved
more often than I thought of

but I couldn't leave the basement
I couldn't sort it out
I couldn't grow more crops
I couldn't reach more tops
I'm bound for going down

cause I couldn't take the orders
I couldn't take the pace
I couldn't stand the race
and I couldn't really face
what life is all about