A HORSE CALLED MUSIC - chords, tab and comments

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This is a "modern" western song with the usual content: a lone rider and lost love, with minor chords and drenched in melancholia. But it gains distinction in the hump of such songs, and recorded by Willie Nelson it became the title song of his 1989 album. He twice made a video for this song, which also was recorded by Randy Travis.
And finally by Wayne Carson (1943-2015) himself - the author; released with his album "Writer"(2002). He is often referred to as "Wayne Carson Thompson". He was born Wayne Carson Head, and his parents used the artist name "Shorty & Sue Thompson" (Odie and Olivia Head). That man has penned more than twenty golden hits for several artists in both rock, pop, soul, r&b and country music, but is underestimated as an artist and musician. He played various instruments, and had a pleasing baritone voice.
And if you've ever heard the infamous "I Couldn't spell #@!%" : guess whose pants it slipped out of ...
C          Am          F          C
high on a mountain in western Montana
   Am         C              Am7  D7  G7
a silhouette moves 'cross a cinnamon sky
C        C7        F               G7
riding alone on a horse he called Music
        Am          C          G7          C
with a song on his lips and a tear in his eye

C            Am  F         C
but he sang "oooh" to the ladies
    Am F                 C  ...G7
and oooh : he made some sigh
     C         C7       F               G7
now he rides away on a horse he called Music
        Am          C           G7          C
with a pain in his heart and a tear in his eye
[These chords differ a bit from the usual ones: the original has no 7th-bridges and no minor with the "oooh". I just like it better this way. Sorry Carson ... and Nelson.]
C major
A minor
F major
C seventh
D seventh
G seventh
A minor seventh
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