A Sight for Sore Eyes - chords, tab and comments

At the bottom you'll find a link to the complete lyrics.

From Wits' 177 album "Foreign Affairs". Guitar tabs for Waits' songs can usually be made quite simple, like this. But the man composes for piano. A good way to interprete his songs with guitar, is to use the thumb for the bass, playing the tune or parts of it with the rest of your fingers 1-3 strings at a time. Takes a bit training though, but gives a much better result than just strumming the guitar - playing solo.
G                  G7           C           G
hey sight for sore eyes  it's long time no see
         Em          Bm           Am7          D7
working hard hardly working   hey man you know me
       G          G7            C          G
water under the bridge   didye see my new car
	   Em              Bm                  Am7          D7
well it's bought and it's payed for   parked outside of the bar
G major
G 7
C major
E minor
B minor
A minor 7
Tom Waits