Adios Amigo - chords, tab and comments

Jim Reeves was an artist no reasonable, musical person could dislike. Even one of my hardcore black metal-friends loves his comfortable voice and choice of songs ... he even lets my few versions pass without snarling. "Adios Amigo" is a classic, written by veterans in the business, and belongs to any busker's collection.
A                       E
adios amigo  adios my friend
     E5            E7           E7/9       A
the road we have travelled has come to an end
A                  A7            D            A
when two love the same love one love has to lose
          E7           A              B7             E7
and it's you who she longs for  it's you she will choose
A                                  E
adios compadre  what must be must be
  E5         E7       E7/9        A
remember to name one muchacho for me
               A7            D           A
I ride to the Rio where my life I will spend
E5  E7  A      E6  E    A
adios amigo  adios my friend
A major
A seventh
E Major
E fifth
E sixth
E seventh
E seventh add nine
D Major
B Seventh
Ralph Freed
Jerry Livingston