Are All the Children In? - chords, tab and comments

At the bottom you'll find a link to the complete lyrics.

This one is meant for recitation, but I still give it a tab : my own. The original recording is from "Hymns by Johnny Cash" released '60, and has a simple background melody 3/4 rythm. I gave it a finger-picking instead, with the following harmonies.
G        Am      Bm        D7/9  D7                G    Em
when I'm alone I often think of an old house on the hill
Am                      D7            G          Am      Bm    D7/9  D7
of a big yard hedged in roses where we ran and played at will
G            Am                    Bm          D7/9  D7   G    Em
and when the night time brought us home hushing our merry din
Am                 Bm            D7/9        D7        G
mother would look around and ask "are all the children in?"
I've hardly ever performed this one in public. I always get sentimental and those bloody tears start making me a fool.
G major
A minor
B minor
D7 add 9
D7 major
E minor