Ballad of Yarmouth Castle - chords, tab and comments

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Bound for Nassau, the mainly wooden built (1927) steamship "Yarmouth Castle" caught fire and went down on November 13th 1965, causing the death of 90 passengers. Gord wrote this ballad about the tragedy, curiously not mentioning the horrible safety conditions aboard, which after the investigation prompted new laws regarding safety at sea, the SOLAS.
Am                            C                  G
well it's four o'clock in the afternoon and the anchors have been weighed
      Am        Em          Am
from Miami to Nassau she's bound across the waves
Am                               C             G
she'll be heading south through Biscayne Bay into the open sea
	  Am             G               Am
Yarmouth Castle she is dying and don't know it
A minor
C major
G major
E minor
Gordon Lightfoot