Banks of the Ohio - chords, tab and comments

This is a traditional murder ballad from the 19th century. It was first recorded by Red Patterson's Piedmont Log Rollers on August 12th, 1927 - if Wikipedia is reliable. Since then, artists both male and female have recorded own versions; feeling free to change the lyrics. So have I. I have omitted the notorious murder "Willie" (appearing in a lot of ballads), rewritten verses to make them rhyme better, and added a few lines of my own at the end. Those looking for original lyrics, may do this.
A                          E
I asked my love to take a walk
               E7             A
just a little ways to have a talk
                       A7     D
down beside where the waters flow
             A    F#m   E7  A
down by the banks of the Ohio
A major
A seventh
E major
E major seventh
D major
F sharp minor