Best of all Possible Worlds - chords, tab and comments

If God is good and omnipotent, do we account for the suffering and injustice that exists in the world? German philosopher Gottfried Leibniz was concerned about this, and introduced the phrase "le meilleur des mondes possibles" in 1710, giving birth to at least the *title* of this song, released on Kristofferson's self-titled debut album from 1970, but first recorded by Roger Miller.
/G../F#.. E                         E7
I was running thru the summer rain trying to catch that evening train
A                               A7
and kill the old familiar pain weaving thru my tangled brain
D                                 D7                          G    /G../F#
when I tipped my bottle back and smacked into a cop I didn't see
     E                                 E7
that police man said "Mister Cool   if you ain't drunk then you're a fool"
A                                       A7
I said "if that's against the law then tell me why I never saw
D                                       D7                              G
a man locked in that jail of yours who wasn't neither black or poor as me?"
G                    G7                     C    A7
well that was when someone turned out the lights
    D              D7                 G
and I wound up in jail to spend the night
G                     G7              C    A7
and dream of all the wine and lonely girls
         D             D7      G
in this best of all possible worlds
E major
E 7th
A major
A 7th
D major
D 7th
G major
G 7th
Kris Kristofferson