Bright Eyes - chords, tab and comments

This song, released and made famous by Art Garfunkle in 1979, is early Batt. The english composer, conductor, producer and commercial songwriter is nowadays guiding the career of pop phenomenon Katie Meloua, and is - at the time of writing - Deputy Chairman of the British Phonographic Industry.
"The song is about death and the mystery of what happens afterwards" Batt states himself. It was written for the film "Watership Down" already 1976.
E              Esus4  E  C#m                A   E
is it a kind of dream   floating out on the tide
F#m            B7       G#m       C#m
following the river of death downstream
    A        B7
oh is it a dream ?
           E            Esus4  E  C#m                   A  E
there's a fog along the horizon   a strange glow in the sky
     F#m    B7           G#m      C#m       A             C#7
and nobody seems to know where you go   and what does it mean ?
Edim C#7 B7     E
oh oh is it a dream ?
       G#m      A          F#m   B7
bright eyes   burning like fire
       G#m     A           F#m       D   B7
bright eyes   how can you close and fail ?
E            Emaj7     B7sus4     C#m    F#m      A     B7sus4
how can the light that burned so softly suddenly burn so pale ?
B7       E
bright eyes
E major
E suspend four
C sharp, E, G and A sharp diminuished
E major seventh
A major
B seventh
B seventh suspend four
D major
F sharp minor
C sharp minor
G sharp minor
C sharp seventh
Mike Batt