Camouflage - chords, tab and comments

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Founder of cult band "Wall of Woodoo" Stan Ridgway went solo and released "The Big Heat" album 1980. It contained this spooky song from the Vietnam war, and gave him his only commercial hit so far - besides "Mexican Radio" with his band. Despite this, it's not right to call him a "one hit wonder": he earns great respect as both artist and songwriter, but probably his characteristic style and his straight forward vocal is to narrow for the masses. I don't belong to the masses.
Am                    C            Dm              F
I was a P.F.C. on a search patrol hunting Charlie down
        Am             G      Am
it was in the jungle wars of '65
    C                G                Dm           Am
my weapon jammed and I got stuck way out and all alone
             C               Em               Am
and I could hear the enemy moving in close outside
      C              G               Dm               Am
just then I heard a twig snap and I grabbed my empty gun
       C                      Em             Am
and I dug in scared while I counted down my fate
            C               G           Dm               Am
and then a big marine : a giant with a pair of friendly eyes
   C                   Em                Am
appeared there at my shoulder and said "Wait!"
Am                     C                        Dm             F
when he came in close beside me he said "Don't worry son, I'm here
     Am                     G                      Am
if Charlie wants to tangle now he'll have two to dodge"
               C                 G                    Dm               Am
I said "Well, thanks a lot!"  I told him my name and then I asked him his
         C                  Em           Am
and he said "The boys just call me Camouflage"

Am    C     D         F
woah-oh-oh-oh  Camouflage
Am                 G                  Am
things are never quite the way they seem
Am    C     D         F
woah-oh-oh-oh  Camouflage
Am            Em          Am
this was an awfully big marine

Am                        C                    Dm              F
so next time you're in a jungle fight and you feel a presence near
    Am                C                 Am
or hear a voice that in your mind will lodge
          C                   G                      Dm          Am
just be thankful that you're not alone cause you've got some company
        C              Em             Am
from a big marine the boys call Camouflage
A minor
C major
D minor
D major
F major
G major
E minor
Stan Ridgway