Casey Jones - chords, tab and comments

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This song refers to a real railroad accident at Vaughn, Memphis, April 30th 1900. The black engine wiper Wallace Saunders originally wrote the ballad, which was finally modified for Johnny Cash album "Blood, Sweat and Tears". The story behind is found HERE, and the official report of the accident HERE.
A                                                         B7          E7
come all you rounders if you wanna hear the story about a brave engineer
A                                                                   E7      A
Casey Jones was the roller's name on a six-eight wheeler course he won his fame
A                                                                 B7       E7
caller called Casey bout half past four he kissed his wife at the station door
he climbed in the cabin with his orders in his hand
A                              E7       A 
said "this is the trip to the Promised Land"

Casey Jones climbed in the cabin
A            B7            E7
Casey Jones orders in his hand
Casey Jones leanin' out the window
A                       E7     A
taking a trip to the Promised Land
A major
B 7th
E 7th