Casey's Last Ride - chords, tab and comments

From debut album "Kristofferson" 1971. Material was good, the producer did nice work, the technicians and musicians were in good mood but the sale was sluggish. But after Janis Joplin's massive hit, Monument re-released the album as "Me and Bobby McGee", and things worked out a bit better. Anyway, none of Kristofferson's albums have ever been specially successful, though his songs are recorded by hundreds of artists and have sold zillions of copies. Maybe the man is too "roots".
Am                               G
Casey joins the hollow sound of silent people walking down
      F                             E           E7
the stairway to the subway in the shadows down below
Am                                     G
following their footsteps through the neon-darkened corridors
    F                            E           E7
of silent desperation   never speakin' to a soul
     Dm                F                C             Am
the poison air he's breathing has the dirty smell of dying
             Dm                               E               E7
'cause it's never seen the sunshine and it's never felt the rain
      Am                          G
but Casey minds the arrows and ignores the fatal echoes
         F                                  E7            Am
of the clicking of the turnstiles and the rattle of his chains

C                                                    Dm
"Oh!" she said, "Casey it's been so long since I've seen you!"
G                  Dm              G7          C
"Here" she said, "just a kiss to make a body smile!"
C                                                   Dm
"See" she said, "I've put on new stockings just to please you!"
G                  Dm              G7          C
"Lord!" she said, "Casey can you only stay a while?"
A minor
D minor
G major
G seventh
F major
E major
E seventh
Kris Kristofferson