Cold on the Shoulder - chords, tab and comments

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Though countless and various artists list him as a mentor and favorite songwriter, Gordon Lightfoot's scores as an artist is low, compared with many of those who have recorded his songs, with million-selling results. But he's had a few. In February 1975 he released "Cold on the Shoulder" both as single and album; in March it reached #10 at the album charts, and in October he included it with new album "Gord's Gold".
The song is archetypical Lightfoot: simple, solid and catchy craftswork.
E                A
all you need is time
                 A7                        E
all you need is time time time to make me bend
give it a try   don't be rude
A7                                                 E
put it to the test and I'll give it right back to you
      B7           B7sus4
it's cold on the shoulder
         A                         A7          E
and you know that we get a little older every day
E major
A Major
A seventh
B seventh
B seventh suspend four
Gordon Lightfoot