COLOURS OF MY LIFE - chords and comments

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I've always preferred solo artists to bands and groups. The war between Beatles-fans and Stones die hards was totally irrelevant to me. When school mates dug Led Zeppelin and Uriah Heep, I found the sound disgusting and annoying, and listened to the Seekers instead. This australian folk group consisted originally of Athol Guy, Bruce Woodley and Keith Potger, but in -63 Judith Durham joined them, and became lead singer.
This tiny aussie lady is the voice of the past century, and a candidate for the present. Born Judith Mavis Cock - "Durham" is her mother's maiden name - she intended to be a pianist, but fortunately got caught by jazz and folk. And fortunately got caught by Athol Guy.
Judith is not only a bright voice and pretty face; she is skilled as a songwriter, too. Together with David Thomas Reilly, son of the harmonica legend Tommy Reilly who is credited on several Seekers' recordings, she has penned 19 songs. This one is the most famous. No wonder why; there are three ingredients essential for making a good song: love, harmony and rythm. This one's got it all, and I proudly present this tune, which has been lingering in my head since the recording year 1968.
G        Bm      C       D       G        Bm  ...C...D
I can't seem to get my sleep now any old night
C               Am           D  ...D7
Mister Sandman passes by my door
G          Bm           C            D       G          Bm  ...C...D
life has changed since you've been there to say it's alright
C                Am              G          Bm      Em
you taught me to understand what I thought couldn't be
G                    A7            D ...D7
don't mind missing sleep if I can see
G              C
colours of my life
D           D7      G
you've got love to fill my heart
G        Bm     Am
I don't need a rainbow
     Cmaj7             ...C...D...G
with colours of my life
G major
B minor
C major
C major seventh
D major
D seventh
E minor
A minor
A seventh
Judith Durham