Coming Down in the Rain - chords, tab and comments

At the bottom you'll find a link to the complete lyrics.

I play this one E major due to my barritone voice range, and with unusual chords. The original is G major, and the basic is fair enough for this outstanding beautiful song about how to get lost in love.
G                                       G7       C    Am
flipped into the wind like the ashes of her cigarette
         D                           D7                    G
he got scattered and thrown to the breeze as he tried to forget
G                                         G7          C    Am
he lost all his heat and his heart never will be the same
         D                         D7                    G
he got lighter than air but he'll only come down in the rain

G                   Em                      C    Am
coming down in the rain washing out of the sky
Am                    C     D         D7         G    D
loaded down with the pain there ain't no way to fly
D7       G                        G7                           C    Am
you can read him as clear as the wall where he once wrote his name
         D                          D7                     G
it was right next to hers but will only come down in the rain
G major
G seventh
C major
A minor
D major
D seventh
E minor
Buddy Mondlock