Coming into Los Angeles - chords, tab and comments

Son of legendary Woody Guthrie, Arlo has founded his own career in the periphery of roots music. Early albums a funny mix of own material and selected standards, ballads and acid-scented rock music ... always including at least *one* of his dad's songs, *one* instrumental and one kicking Dylan's ass. Though indeed very different, those two have remained best friends and colleges up through the years. This one from the 1973 album "Last of the Brooklyn Cowboys".
Am           Am7         D7       F   (Alt. Am/A-Am/G-Am/F#-Am/F)
coming from London from over the pole
C                     E7
riding on a big air liner
Am                Am7        D7         F   (Alt. Am/A-Am/G-Am/F#-Am/F)
chickens flying everywhere around the plane
C                      E7
never did I feel much finer
Am                  D     Am                      D
coming into Los Angeles  bringing in a couple of keys
Am              Am7         D7          F       C    E7
don't touch my bags if you please Mr. Custom's man
A minor
A minor seventh
D major
D seventh
F major
E seventh
Arlo Guthrie