Dawn Dream - chords, tab and comments

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Two miles out of town, two people on a large balcony share souls and wine while the distant sound of the closing city fades away. The night takes control, and the conversation gets deep and long. Then the dawn climbs down from the hillside. Where did the hours go? They emerged into this song, which is the most emotional I ever wrote.
G                          D7
candlelights burning down softly
G              Em      Am7 ... D7
words flying swiftly away
      Em                       G
mean more than adventures you told me
    Edim            Am         A7            D7
and evening winds whisper me what's gone astray
G                             D7
moonlight will best hide our patterns
G            Em             Am7 ...D7
twilight may be our best friend
           Em                   G
they will take our dreams to a heaven
    Edim            Am    A7           D7
and drop them where every one can be friends
           G             D7
show your light for the world to see
           G               D7
show your life  show your dignity
           G                E7
blow your horn  it sounds smooth to me
    Am           C           D7              G
the echoes are swirling and hiding the reality

G            Am          Am6        B7
come with me now  it is time for departure
   En            A7sus4            D7
a long pleasant night has come through
G              Am              Am6         B7
pack up your things  you need nothing but courage
    Em            A7sus4      D7
and I need just nothing but you
            G       Em7         Bm          C
come some broken illutions and knots of confusion
      G             Em           Am7 ... D7
but frightning and fear will be gone
             G         Gmaj7              G7             Edim
there'll be valleys of hope  there'll be peace down the slope
        Em            [Em/D#     Em/D]          A7
as the sandman steps forwards  a watchman goes homewards
     C9         Edim       G
the night disappears into dawn
G major
G major seventh
G seventh
C major
C ninth
E minor
E diminuished
D seventh
A seventh
A minor seventh
A seventh suspend four
B minor