Devil to Pay - chords, tab and comments

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Merle Travis and Leon Rusk wrote several songs together. This one is as far as I know only recorded by Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson, in addition to Travis himself. About him, You can click the icon at the bottom of the page for information. About Malcolm Leon Rusk (1921 - 1950), I only know that he was a 1940's country singer and songwriter. He was born in Canyon, Texas and died in an accident near Tulia, Texas. He had been badly injured during World War II and began a musical career after the war recording for King records.
C                     E
go on girl take your chances
        Dm                             G7
see how long you can go on from man to man
      E                                  Am
I can read the lines between your stolen glances
      D                  D7               G7
and I know it's time to fold this loosing hand
             C            G7          C               G7
cause you're drawn to the flame by the thrill and the shame
       C                  F                 G7
of the cheatin' game they taught you how to play
     C                E             Am         F
you've got nothing to lose but your soul girl
        C           G7        Am ...
and you've only the devil to pay

...          G7
you've been flying so high you don't know
that you're blind to the writin' on the wall
but some day you'll look down
            D7                         G7
and you'll find you've got no place to fall
         C                G7           C          G7
when the bright lights're gone you'll be standing alone
   C            F              G7
forsaken in the naked light of day
            C                  E            Am     F
then you'll know that it's all over but the dying
            C             G7
and you've still got the devil to pay
C major
A minor
D minor
G seventh
E major
D major
D seventh
F major
Merle Travis