Don Quixote - chords, tab and comments

This song has odd relations. In 1973, Silvio Rodriguez released "El Mayor", a tribute to a cuban revolutionary hero named Ignacio Agramonte, who was killed at the Battle of Jimaguay on May 11th, 1873. The song rapidly grew to be the 2. anthem of Cuba.
The late swedish singer/songwriter Björn Afzelius, inspired of frequently visiting Latin-America and the Caribbian, bewitched by political revolutionary conviction, rewrote the song 3 years later. Ever since 1961 Cuba has been economically blocked by USA ... and even the United Nations has condemned this; with no result, of course. Afzelius assosiated a combat against a monster like USA, with fighting windmills - like Cervantes' immortal Don Quixote did. Unfortunately he wrote this in swedish - which is, in respect, not a common language.
So I rewrote it one more time. After 50 years, Cuba is still isolated, and it is a shame. Here we go.
C#m               B7
down in Valadero
                       C#m  B7
Don Quixote to me appeared
exiting Las Americas
B7                   C#m   B7
no ghosts I really feared
                  C#m     B7
The castle of Du Pont is
                  C#m     B7
a pearl in the Caribbian
              A       G#m   F#m                  B7
the balcony steadily being washed by a viridine sea
              A       G#m       F#m              B7
the library still contains the paintings of his family

B7                  E       B7sus4
cause I'm heading forwards
                  E    B7sus4
I horseback the ocean
                 A        G#m       F#m   Amaj7  B7sus4    B7
I ride with the wind and rain that backs up my emotion
                     E     Bsus4
cause I've made a decition
                 E     Bsus4
as my anger is rising
                 A       G#m        F#m
and nothing can keep it from being written
Amaj7     B7sus7  B7  E
on the horizon
C sharp minor
G sharp minor
F sharp minor
E major
A major
A major seventh
B seventh
B seventh suspend forth