Dusty Skies - chords, tab and comments

Especially clever with harmonies, Texas based cowgirl Cindy Walker wrote a lot of good western songs. This clippety-clop one I picked up from late Tex Ritter's excellent album "Songs from the Wild West". Sand in your boots, tighten your bandana and imagine you're fighting a howling sandstorm.
A                                    A7
dusty skies  I can't see nothing in sight
D                                      A
good old Dan you'll have to guide me right
A                A7       D            A
for we lose our way  the cattle will stray
Bm  C#m E7/9 E7         A
and we lose them all tonight
      D                            A
with all of the grass and water's gone
       D                             A
we'll have to keep the cattle moving on
A                                          A7
sand blowing  I just can't breathe in this air
D                                   A
thought it would soon be clear and fair
A                         A7        D           A
but the dust storms were bad  they took all we had
    Bm C#m E7/9 E7        A
I've got to be moving somewhere
A major
A seventh
D major
B minor
C sharp minor
E seventh add ninth
E seventh
Cindy Walker