Duvalier's Dream - chords, tab and comments

From his 1971 debut album "Kristofferson", later re-released as "Me and Bobby McGee": a rather underrated and seldom requested narrating song, demonstrating Kris' unique skill in songwriting. Related to "Casey's Last Ride", but still quite different.
F#m                             E
Duvalier was a bitter man who cursed the morning sun
       D              C#7          F#m
that brought a new betrayal every day
F#m                                       E
he shunned the world of mortals and the sound of human tongues
      D                     Ddim               C#7
and blessed the night that chased their sight away
F#                                 E           F#m
a disillusioned dreamer who would never love again
F#m                      A                C#7
who'd tried of it and found that it was rotten
F#m                                   E
prefering perfect strangers to the company of friends
           D               C#7       F#m    E7
because strangers are so easily forgotten

oh it's hard to keep believing when you know you've been decieved
A                               E
to face a lie and dare to try again
E                                        E7
but there's nothing like a woman with a spell of make believe
E7                           F#m
to make a new believer of a man
F sharp minor
E major
E seventh
D major
D diminuished
C sharp seventh
A major
Kris Kristofferson