Dying Day - chords, tab and comments

I was printing stickers - a rather noisy operation - when my ears started to flicker. The radio was playing a really catchy tune, so I closed down the machine and listened. 20 seconds later I was stomping my feet and clapping my hands. I didn't get the artist's name, neighther the title of the song. I googled the phrase "how these days grow long" and found Brandi Carlile on You Tube - performing live and unplugged, in several versions. Then I closed down the printing house and went home for serious work :-D and 3 hours later I had it covered.
The song is written by Tim Hanseroth, who together with his twin brother Phil usually forms the line up for Brandi. It was played in concert more than a year before they finally recorded it on "Give up the Ghost"(2009), usually introduced as "How These Days Grow Long". Why they changed the title to "Dying Day" is incomprehensible. However, I don't fiddle too much with this song. I simply play it. Often.
Both twins write songs, and leave them with Brandi. A very good idea. Those 3 are dynamite.
...     D      Bm             A
I left home a long long time ago
      F#m7            G
in a tin can for the road
         Em7     A         Bm
with a suitcase and some songs
         D                 Bm
chasing miles through the night time
         A             F#m7             G
making tracks with no time for looking back
        Em7        A    Bm
to the place where I belong

Bm         A    G    D             G              A
how these days grow long  but I'm on my way back home
           D           G
it's been hard to be away
Bm     A    G      D               G
how I miss you and I just want to kiss you
    A          D                Em7   A
and I'm gonna love you till my dying day
Em7        A         Bm
how these days grow long
D major
A major
G major
B minor
E minor seventh
F sharp minor seventh
Brandi Carlile
Tim Hanseroth