END OF THE LINE - chords and comments

Among all the so-called "supergroups" up through the years, the "Traveling Wilburys" is an outstanding project. Five rather different artists and songwriters were involved in making a bonus track "Handle with Care" for George Harrison's album "Cloud Nine". In addition to Harrison, they were Jeff Lynne, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan and Roy Orbison. They'd individually and partly had connections before, assisting each other on various recordings. After this collaboration was finished, they found it relevant to make an album together. They used the fictional family name "Wilbury" - originated from the term "We'll bury it in the mix" when somebody made a goof - and adapted the artist names "Nelson Wilbury" (Harrison), "Otis Wilbury" (Lynne), "Lefty Wilbury" (Orbison), "Charlie T. Wilbury, Jr." (Petty) and "Lucky Wilbury" (Dylan). And, chuckle, the drummer for the project, the famous Jim Keltner, was credited as "Buster Sidebury" on the resulting album "Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1", released in October 1988.
This song was the final track on the album, and was also, in January 1989, the band's second single. The video features Orbison as a guitar rocking in an empty chair aboard a train wagon - he died December -88, before the video was made.
All the songs on both this and their next and last album "Traveling Wilburys Vol. 3" (the "vol. 2 " is referred to as some bootleg I've never heard, if it ever exists) are credited "Wilburys", though most of them surely have one main songwriter. In this case, definately Harrison.

The Traveling Wilburys never travelled. And now, February 2023, three of them have crossed the line; only Lynne and Dylan are left. And there were never a question about subsituting Orbison; it would have been Traveling Sillyburys :-D
A...      D                   A             G
well it's all right  riding around in the breeze
          D                           A         D
well it's all right  if you live the life you please
          D                      A       G
well it's all right  doing the best you can
          D                          A      D
well it's all right  as long as you lend a hand
G                                   D
you can sit around and wait for the phone to ring
G                               D
waiting for someone to tell you everything
G                             D
sit around and wonder what tomorrow will bring
         A          ...
maybe a diamond ring
Only strumming the strings, this one is a three chord's song. But if you use your thumb on the bass string; try D/F# ... D/A ... D/B ... D/A and G/G ... G/A ... G/B ... G/A for variation.
D major
A major
G major
George Harrison
Jeff Lynne
Tom Petty
Bob Dylan
Roy Orbison