ETERNAL FLAME - chords and comments

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In 1987, Susanna Hoffs from the marvellous "The Bangles" teamed up with the hit-partners Billy Steinberg/Thomas Kelly and committed the most jelly babe love song ever written. The only reason for me to endorse it, was that it became one of my wife's favorites. She was a simple-minded but obstinated girl, and I loved her. I still do; twentyfive years after her death. She called it "our song", and she was right, as usual. I just found the song unbearable, especially repeated with every beer she had, and they were many.

So, after all these years, I've found that she was right, as usual. That f... song HAS qualities. To get it out of my mind, I've adapted it. Here it is: my eternal flame. Thanks to Susanna, Billy and Thomas and may you rot and burn ...
E          G#m    Asus2        B7
close your eyes  give me your hand darling
E       C#m           A       B7          E
do you feel my heart beating  do you understand
        G#      C#m   F#m7      F#sus4 Esus4
do you feel the same   am I only dreaming
E        Asus2  E    Asus2   E
is this burning an eternal flame
E    G#m        Asus2   B7
I believe it's meant to be darling
E            C#m           A        B7             E
I watch you when you are sleeping   you belong to me
        G#       C#m  F#m7      F#sus4 Esus4
do you feel the same   am I only dreaming
   A  C#m7  F#m7   A C#m7 F#m7  B
or is this burning an eternal flame?
        Bm   F#m7                    E
say my name  sun shines through the rain
         Bm      E                   A       C#m7      F#m
a whole life so lonely and then you come and ease the pain
B                        Bsus2 Asus2
I don't want to lose this feeling
B11 ... B7 ...
E major
E suspended fourth
A major
A suspended second
B major
B seventh
B eleventh
B suspended secondBsus2
B minor
C minor
C sharp minor seventh
F sharp suspended fourth
F sharp minor
F sharp minor seventh
G sharp major
G sharp minor
Susanna Hoffs
Steinberg and Kelly