Famous Blue Raincoat - chords, tab and comments

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From his third album "Songs of Love and Hate": a blessed different love song. A personal letter to a former friend, involved with his woman. It feels hard to sing this song sometimes, cause Cohen not only has written it - which can make it hard enough - he has also signed it "Sincerely, L. Cohen". But you may drop that line, and simply repeat from the first verse. It also feels hard to simplify my (un)usual chords on this, but it's doggone harder to try to write them down ... so here we go.
      C6                      F
it's four in the morning the end of december
     Dm7                     Em             G
I'm writing you now just to see if you're better
C6                      F
New York is cold but I like where I'm living
         Dm7                    Em                G
there's music on Clinton Street all through the evening
Am                  Bm                   C6                Bm
I hear that you're building your little house deep in the desert
Am                  G                          C6                    G
you're living for nothing now * I hope you're keeping some kind of records
         C                                G
yes and Jane came by with a lock of your hair
      G7                      C6
she said that you gave it to her
                                  Bm    G    F
that night when you planned to go clear
                 Em    G
did you ever go clear ?
C sixth
C major
F major
G major
G seventh
D minor seventh
E minor
A minor
B minor
Leonard Cohen