Farewell Angelina - chords, tab and comments

Early Dylan ... surrealistic lyrics, striking tune. Being late to discover Dylan, I first heard it from a girlfriend of mine, who I still keep in contact with. I still have it handwritten in a drawer somewhere ... misspelled and a few words misunderstood, chuckle. Who Angelina really were? Don't know; maybe Joan Baez: she usually doesn't perform songs that makes no sense ...
A              A7       D             A
farewell Angelina  the bells of the crown
            F#m      C#m             D     E7   A
are being stolen by bandits  I must follow the sound
A             A7               D            E7
the triangle tingles and the trumpets play slow
       Dmaj7       C#m      Dmaj7       C#m
means farewell Angelina  the sky is on fire
D   E7     A
and I must go
A major
A seventh
D major
E seventh
F sharp minor
C sharp minor
D major seventh
Bob Dylan