I-FEEL-LIKE-I'M-FIXIN'-TO-DIE RAG - chords and comments

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According to musician, anti-war activist and Woodstock icon Joe McDonald himself, this song was written in 30 minutes in '65. First released on an EP before "Country Joe and the Fish" was reallly established, it was cut as a single in -69, sold well and appeared in two versions (solo and band) at the monumental Woodstock Festival. Thereafter it has become a lead protest song and a symbol of the hippie culture.
In 2001 - after a new recording of the song in '99 - Babette Ory, daughter of late jazz musician Kid Ory, claimed that the song partly was a copy of her father's "Muskrat Ramble", a famous jazz standard, and filed a lawsuit. The court concluded that the family had been aware of the song for more than 30 years, and the case was dismissed and finally closed in favour of McDonald in 2005.
The song is quite often introduced with "The Fish Cheer" - «Gimme an eff!»...-«F!!» and so on, spelling "fish". In '68, drummer Chicken Hirsch suggested to alter it, spelling "f*ck", resulting in public success ... and a ban from Ed Sullivan Show. «Keep the money, but don't appear on the show».
come on all of you big strong men
Uncle Sam needs your help again
he's got himself in a terrible jam
way down yonder in Vietnam
    F#                      B7
so put down your books and pick up a gun
       E7            E6         A
we're gonna have a whole lotta fun

         Bm   Gdim   E7
and it's one  two  three
what are we fighting for
                 Bm               ...E7
don't ask me  I don't give a damn
next stop is Vietnam
          Bm   Gdim  E7
and it's five  six  seven
             A          ...C#7
open up the pearly gates
           F#                B7
well there ain't no time to wonder why
E7             E6         A
whoopee  we're all gonna die
A major
E major
E sixth
E seventh
B seventh
B minor
F sharp
C sharp seventh
G diminuished
Country Joe McDonald