Four Strong Winds - chords, tab and comments

This is the signature tune of Canadian folk singer Ian Tyson, who has encouraged and promoted quite many artists more famous than himself. But after five decades of influence; nowadays - December 2007 - many of those artists have made him a tribute album. It is strongly recommended. And this song is hallmarked: simple and catchy, like all folk songs *should* be.
             E               F#m
four strong winds that blow lonely
       B7            E
seven seas that run high
           F#m               F#m7             B7
all those things that won't change come what may
        E                  F#m
if the good times all are gone
          B7              E
then I'm bound for moving on
           F#m           F#m7            B7
I'll look for you if I'm ever back this way
E major
F sharp minor
F sharp minor seventh
B seventh
Ian Tyson