From a Distance - chords, tab and comments

Julie Gold never got any award for writing this song, but certainly other artists benefited with a stolen glance. First Nancy Griffith. In 1987, Julie introduced the song to her, wondering why everybody refused it. Nancy recorded it for her album "Lone Star State of Mind". Then Bette Midler did. Wow! Grammy "Song of the Year" 1991. Judy Collins covered it; so did the Byrds. Even the pathetic "Sir" Cliff Richard. During the 90's you could go nowhere for a drink or a meal without getting that "God is watching us" on your ear.
But Julie never prospected an almighty God with a long white beard looking down at His subjects from His Heavenly Home. She belives in the nature, where "God" is the immanent creating power. I do, as well. That's why I sing this song.
This one is an object lesson in how to make a classic song using few harmonies. In fact, this tune is carried by only 4 basic chords. It is the voice and the words that makes it, neigther clever and inventive playing nor fancy arrangements. I juxtapose it with Amanda McBroom's famous "The Rose", and I usually play and sing them medley. Funny and sadly enough, Bette Midler rose to fame because of *both* these songs, while the songwriters have vanished into oblivion. But I praise them both. Right here.
G               C                 D        G
from a distance the world looks blue and green
          C          D          G
and the snow capped mountains white
G               C          D           G
from a distance the ocean meets the stream
        C      D         G
and the eagle takes to flight

G       C                 D   Em
from a distance there is harmony
       C         G         D
and it echoes through the land
          C        G              C        G
it's the voice of hope : its the voice of peace
          C       D      G
it's the voice of every man

G       D                    Em
God is watching us : God is watching us
        C            D     G
God is watching us from a distance
G major
C major
D major
E minor
Julie Gold