GEORGIA ON MY MIND - chords and comments

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Hoagland Howard "Hoagy" Carmichael (1899 – 1981) composed this tune in 1930, and his room mate Stuart Graham Steven Gorrell (1901 – 1963) from the Indiana University Bloomington helped him during a night after a party to work it out; Gorrell responsible for the lyrics.
Both have stated that the lyrics were inspired by Hoagy's younger sister named "Georgia". The result was recorded by Carmichael, with Bix Beiderbecke on cornet, in New York City on September 15th, 1930. Gorrell's name wasn't credited, but Carmichael sent him royality checks no matter. Gorrell became a banker, and never wrote a single line no more.
In 1960, Ray Charles made his famous recording. In 1979, the State of Georgia designated Ray Charles' version "the official state song". The song has become a part of the American jazz tradition.

I've never understood why. The melody is not genius, only commonly snappy. The lyrics are barely mediocre. I've never been a fan of neighter Ray Charles, nor this kind of music at all. Still I've included it with my album of busker's songs.
The reason is, that I frequently have had requests. It's done in 2 minutes, cut short, and invites to twist it your own way. Sometimes I feel like fucking up originals, and this one is a heavenly gift.
But Mr. Carmichael, you have my full respect as both artist and composer.
G       B7  B7/A  Em    Em7        C   ...Gdim
Georgia  Georgia  the whole day through
         G         E7    A7            Cmaj7  B7 ...E7...A7...D7
just an old sweet song   keeps Georgia on my mind
G       B7  B7/A  Em Em7     C ...Gdim
Georgia  Georgia  a song of you
        G         E7   A7            Cmaj7  D6   G   ...C...G...B7
comes sweet and clear  as moonlight through the pines
Em    A           Cmaj7  C
other arms  reach out to me
Em    A          Em7   A7
other eyes smile tenderly
Em        A7        Bm     E7+9      Em7                 D7
still in peaceful dreams I see   the road leads back to you
G       B7  B7/A  Em  Em7     C  ...Gdim
Georgia  Georgia  no peace I find
        G          E7   A7           Cmaj7 D6 G
Just an old sweet song  keeps Georgia on my mind
G major
G diminuished
B seventh
B minor
E minor
E minor seventh
E seventh
E seventh add nine
C major
C major seventh
D seventh
D sixth
A major
A seventh
Hoagy Carmichael