GEORGY GIRL - chords and comments

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"Georgy Girl" is a successful movie from 1966, based on the novel by Margaret Forster. The title song was penned by Jim Dale (lyrics) and Tom Springfield (music), and performed by the australian folk group The Seekers it became their best-selling single ever, held back from the top of Billboard list only by "I'm a Believer". The commercial release, a blend of two lyrics from the soundtrack, is so fundamental that hardly no artist has dared to cover it.
G     Bm   C      D
hey there georgy girl
G                    Bm      D      D7
swinging down the street so fancy-free
G           Bm         C   Am       F                D7
nobody you meet could ever see the loneliness there  inside you

G     Bm   C      D
hey there georgy girl
G               Bm        D       D7
why do all the boys just pass you by
G                Bm         C     F           D          D7
could it be you just don't try or is it the clothes you wear

C              Bm                  Am     C          G
you're always window shopping but never stopping to buy
B7   E         A     D            D7
so shed those dowdy feathers and fly  a little bit

G     Bm   C      D
hey there georgy girl
G                Bm     D      D7
there's another georgy deep inside
G                  Bm       C       D7          Em
bring out all the love you hide and oh what a change there'd be
     Cmaj7          C  D7         G
the world would see a new georgy girl
The song is a perfect match for a medley with another The Seekers' classic: Colours of My Life. Same key, same rhythm and same jolly good feeling of the sixties. Which to start with doesn't matter.
G major
C major
D major
D seventh
E major
B seventh
A major
A minor
B minor
E minor
C major seventh
Jim Dale
Tom Springfield