God Lives on Terra - chords, tab and comments

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This song was written in 1984, and awarded "Best Filk Song" 1992 by Pegasus. Filk? This is an obscure genre of songs mainly based on acoustic instruments, with lyrics inspired by Sci-Fi and pondering about the universe. I've never had a thing about fiction, space and so on - my feet are planted solid to the ground. Julia Ecklar's feet are not, and she's become a prominent part of this community, writing both novels and songs within this subculture.
It is seemingly normal among "Filks" to paraphrase, and Bob Kanefsky has made it a profession, writing more than 100 parodies. In the case "Eternal Flame" (don't mix up with the annoying Bangles' hit) he discusses *how* our Lord created the eternity. It has reached cult status among computer people, and made people like me to brood about where 1 and 0 came from. I am 01101011 01101000 01100001 01110111 01100001 01100111 01100001. Some tells me I'm just a 0, and some tells me I'm the one. I don't care. God did not create LISP. Lisp figured out God and printed it out.
C             D                 G               C
I was born in Inverness on the second day of spring
                        D                  G
but my soul yearned to sail the stars  my heart did long to sing
     C             D                G         G/F#  Em
so when I made my sixteenth year I signed my life away
      C                 Am7                 D            G
and flew out from this world to which with joy I come today

Em   C            G
for God lives on Terra
        C       D     G  ...Em
in her lands of evergreen
     C       D         G
her silken skies over velvet vales
          C     Am7     D
the most lovely I have seen
      C    D        G
and when I watch a sunset
           C      D      G
fade from red to royal blue
Em         C             G   ... Em
I know ... God lives on Terra
          Am7  D           G
she's His own dream come true
G major
C major
D major
E minor
A minor seventh
Julia Ecklar