GOT LEAVIN' ON HER MIND - chords and comments

Jack Henderson Clement (1931 – 2013) is most renowned as a producer, but he also wrote crossover hit songs for numerous artists. He wrote about everything: tales, humourous and satirical songs, pure nonsense and the thing called love. Among the latter, this one is the best I've heard.
It was first recorded September -65 by Bobby Bare, and released February -65, followed by Charley Pride ... with who he cooperated with for years, being the first one to cross "the white line" in country music.
Nicknamed "Cowboy" Jack Clement from his youth - carried on by often wearing a Stetson hat - he was no cowboy, but a roots producer and songwriter, and had an important influence in rock music as a producer for Sun Records, Memphis ... discovering Jerry Lee Lewis, and working with Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash.
Himself, he played guitar and dobro, and has left us a few recordings on his own. They're all worth listening to, not only for History's sake.
E              B7          A          E
the longer I know her the more I can tell
    C#m          B7         E
my darlin's not happy with me
E              B7          A           E
the longer I know that I know her too well
     C#m             B7      E
the less love in her eyes I see

E                         A           G#m F#m7    C#m
cause she don't hold and kiss me like she did one time
    E             A          B7             E
I think my sweet baby's got leavin' on her mind
E major
A major
B seventh
C sharp minor
G sharp minor
F sharp minor seventh
Jack Clement