Great Big Man - chords, tab and comments

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Don McLean is famous for writing ballads. Following this guy for all the years I've been conscious musically, I think this is what he really means: watch your footsteps, reactions and actions. They are recorded by someone who is after your gold. Keep it close, and share only with secret ones. Who's secret, anyway? It's still hard, hard times, and when McLean slaps off his guitar and tell you that it takes a great big man ... you feel rather small. OK. I've never considered myself larger than my daily income, or heavier than my daily post. Now and then I sing this - as a McLean-song rather rare - blues/rock/folkbeat tune to remind myself of who I am and was destined to be.
E - E6 - E - E6 - E  - E6 - G - A ... continue
rust on your fingers  you've got rubbles at your feet
E - E6 - E - E6 - E  - E6 - G - A ... continue
keep the home fires burning but look out for the heat
                 A - A6 - A - A6 ... continue
cause there's a man at the window who knows just what to think
                  E - E6 - E - E6 - E ...continue
and there's that water boy behind you who won't give you a drink
cause it's a hard, hard times  no easy roads in sight
             Amaj      B7sus4        C          E
it takes a great big man to make a great big fight

A                 E     A                E
think about your baby  think about your wife
A                 E            F#                  B7
think about your banker who's trying to take your life
A                 E             Amaj7               F#m7
think about this planet that's rolling through the night
      E              Amaj7                    C         B7
then tell me can you turn your back to such a great big fight?
E major
E sixth
A major
A sixth
A major seventh
B seventh
B seventh suspend four
C major
G major
Don McLean