GREEN, GREEN GRASS OF HOME - chords and comments

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Country singer/songwriter Curly Putman - born Claude Putman Jr. - wrote this song about death row late 1964, and Johnny Darrell was the first one to record it the same year, but it flopped. In -65 Porter Wagoner had some success on the country charts, and various famous country artists included it in their albums. But in -66 the welsh artist Tom Jones heard Jerry Lee Lewis' version, cut it and there we go ... it became his breakthrough: his pop version have probably sold more than all other versions together, and they are many.

The first one I can remember, was by swedish artist Jan Malmsjõ "En sång en gång för längese'n" in -67. But author Stikkan Anderson was a coward; he made it a plain homecoming song. You see; in Sweden they don't sentence to death.
D                            D7
the old home town looks the same
       G                  D
as I step down from the train
D                                     A  ...A7
and there to meet me is my mama and papa
          D                D7
down the road I look and there runs Mary
G                 Gm
hair of gold and lips like cherries
      D       Bm         Em          A7      D
it's good to touch the green green grass of home
D                        D7
yes they'll all come to meet me
      G                  Gm
arms reaching  smiling sweetly
      D       Bm         Em          A7      D
it's good to touch the green green grass of home
D major
D seventh
G major
G minor
A major
A seventh
B minor
E minor
Curly Putman