HE'LL HAVE TO GO - chords and comments

Have you ever heard about Joe Marion Allison? In 1959 he made a phone call to his wife Audrey for something trivial. The line was disturbed. She had a low, tender voice, and he told her to put her lips closer to the phone ... and there we go. They wrote this song together a few days afterwards. After Billy Brown's first recording failed, Jim Reeves decided to give it a try. RCA meant that "In a Mansion Stands My Love" had better commercial potensial, but disc jockeys and the public had an another opinion. The rest is history: it became Reeves' best selling single ever.

Allison did not pen too many songs, but he worked with music almost all his life, on radio and TV, producing and administering. Notably, he signed Willie Nelson for the first time, and produced Tex Ritter's last album.
A                              D             A
put your sweet lips a little closer to the phone
          C#m              F#m          B7 ...E7
let's pretend that we're together all alone
               A               A7          D      ... Bdim
I'll tell the man to turn the jukebox way down low
             A                      E7                    A
and you can tell your friend there with you he'll have to go

A7         D               Bm                 A                   A7
you can't say the words I want to hear while you're with another man
        D              Bm                 A             E7
do you want me  answer yes or no  darlin' I will understand
A major
A seventh
D major
E seventh
B seventh
B minor
B diminuished
F sharp minor
C sharp minor
Joe Allison