HELLO IN THERE - chords and comments

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This brain provoking song is written by a young John Prine, and released with his self-titled debut album of 1971. It still reflects his songwriting past the following fifty years.

I first heard Prine in the middle of the seventees, and got impressed by his plain voice, plain but clever guitar picking, straight tunes and harmonies, his inventive lyrics and straight forward performance and production. Kris Kristofferson, one of his life-long friends, once said that "he wrote songs so good that we'll have to break his thumbs". Incredibly, I've never picked up any of these songs until now, when he's gone. There may be more, in respect of the modest man and his mentoring of several artists in folk, country and rock music.
E          A9               B7
we had an apartment in the city
E         A9          B7
me and Loretta liked living there
G#m                              A
well it'd been years since the kids had grown
       C¤m                B7
a life of their own  left us alone
E         A9           B7
John and Linda live in Omaha
E           A9               B7
and Joe is somewhere on the road
G#m                    A
we lost Davy in the Korean war
and I still don't know what for
don't matter anymore

              D    A9              E
you know that old trees just grow stronger
         D           A9         E
and old rivers grow wilder every day
G#m                   A
old people just grow lonesome
             C#m            F#m          B7    E
waiting for someone to say hello in there  hello"
The "A9" in the verse may be substituted by "F#m" (the original is in G key, and JP plays "Am" here) but not in the chorus.
E major
B seventh
A major
A nineth
D major
G sharp major
C sharp minor
F sharp minor