Help Me Make It through the Night - chords, tab and comments

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It takes only 120 seconds to perform this song, making it one of the tightest hits ever recorded by anybody. The original recording is from his debut album "Kristofferson". Nobody can be so lonesome, or give the loneliness a more lonelier voice. I got it from a nasty small record shop in the ugly subterranians of the incredible disgusting town called Oslo ... in 1972. Even the LP cover was shit, and I had few expectations about the content. Fortunately, I was wrong. This song, as the rest of the material of the album, has followed me for nearly 50 years now. It still will, until I'm six feet below.
A                             Asus4  A
take the ribbon from your hair
A         A7               D   D9  Bm
shake it loose and let it fall
       Bm7           E    E6  E7
laying soft upon my skin
E7                       A   Asus4  A
like the shadows on the wall
A                            Asus4  A
come and lay down by my side
        A7            D    D9  Bm
in the early morning light
         Bm7            E   E6  E7
all I'm taking is your time
E7                           A   Asus4  A7
help me make it through the night

A7                           D
I don't care who's right or wrong
D                     A
I don't try to understand
         A7          Bm7    B7
let the devil take tomorrow
B7                       E   E6  E7 ...
Lord tonight I need a friend

A major
A suspended four
A seventh
D major
D nineth
B seventh
B minor
B minor seventh
E major
E sixth
E seventh
Kris Kristofferson