High Noon - chords, tab and comments

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Title song from the 1952 classic western movie, featuring Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly. Original soundtrack by Tex Ritter, who also rearranged it, and included it with the album "Tex Ritter's Wild West". Classic composer and conductor Dimitri Tiomkin and lyricist Ned Washington collaborated for many years, resulting in among others "Gunfight at OK Corall" and "Rawhide". Frankie Laine recorded all these for his album "Hell Bent for Leather". Jimmie Rodgers cut a muted version for album "Twilight on the Trail". This good old vinyl is most probably not longer available, but the songs may appear in some compilations. Dig.
A                 E7      A             A7           D    Bm
do not forsake me oh my darling on this our wedding day
          E7             A  F#m  F    E         ...E7
do not forsake me oh my darling  wait wait along
A                   E7    A                A7             D
I do not know what fate awaits me  I only know I must be brave
Bm          D              A        F#m
and I must face a man who hates me
D          C#m  D         C#m    D       C#m F#m Bm7 E  A
or lie a coward a craven coward  or lie a coward in my grave

oh to be torn tweenst love and duty
supposing I lose my fair haired beauty
D                                  A            A7
look at that big hand move along  nearing high noon
he made a vow while in state prison
vowed it would be my life or his and
F                                C#m        D6          G   E  ...E7
I'm not afraid of death but oh  what will I do if you leave me?

A                 E7      A                      A7          D
do not forsake me oh my darling  you made that promise as a bride
Bm                       A       F#m
do not forsake me oh my darling
D                 C#m     D               C#m
although you're grieving don't think of leaving
D           C#m F#m Bm7 E  A    A7
now that I need you by my side
      D            A
wait along  wait along
      D            A
wait along  wait along...
A major
A seventh
E major
E seventh
D major
D sixth
F major
G major
B minor
B minor seventh
C sharp minor
F sharp minor
Dimitri Tiomkin
Ned Washington