Hills of Morning - chords, tab and comments

Bruce Cockburn has been called "Canada's best preserved secret" - so he maybe was for many years. But after 40 years in business and a pile of quality productions, he's not a secret no more. He's just hardly accessible for people with less skill in music than himself - he requires concentration listening to, and most of the time his songs are impossible to play. This one, from album "Dancing in the Dragons Jaws", is an exception.
A                           F#m     A9    A
underneath the mask of the sulphur sky
A                    A9  A
a bunch of us were busy waiting
A                           F#m     A9    A
watching the people looking ill at ease
A                     Asus4               A
watching the fraying rope get closer to breaking

D                  B7sus4    A
let me be a little of your breath
D                B7sus4      A
moving over the face of the deep
D                 B7sus4         F#m
I want to be a particle of your light
E                Esus4       A
flowing over the hills of morning
A major
A ninth
A suspended four
D major
B seventh suspended four
E major
E suspended four
Bruce Cockburn