Honey - chords, tab and comments

Singer and songwriter Bobby Russell never recorded this himself, but passed it over to Bobby Goldsboro in 1968. Goldsboro never managed to succeed this hit: his style was maybe too pure for the pop music and rock'n roll scene. He faded away, and for the past years, he's concentrated on making music for children's movies and series, finding a rewarding market. Russell penned his last song in -73, passed away in -92 after a heart attack and was inducted to Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame two years later.
see the tree how big it's grown
     Amaj7                             Bm        (Bm7 - E7 - Bm7)
but friend it hasn't been too long it wasn't big
    Bm                E7
I laughed at her and she got mad
    Bm                E7               A         (Amaj7 - F#m - E7
the first day that she planted it was just a twig
then the first snow came and she ran out
  Amaj7                        Bm         (Bm7 - E7 - Bm7)
to brush the snow away so it wouldn't die
      Bm        E7
came running in all exited
 Bm                 E7                 A
slipped and almost hurt herself and I laughed till I cried

Amaj7        Bm          E7         A
and Honey I miss you and I'm being good
Amaj7               Bm       E7         A
and I'd love to be with you if only I could
A major
A major seventh
B minor
B minor seventh
E seventh
F sharp minor
Bobby Russell