I've Got a Thing About Trains - chords, tab and comments

Jack Henderson Clement (1931–2013) aka "Cowboy" Jack Clement from his early career as a slide guitarist, wrote almost 200 songs and gave them to artists he co-operated with. Himself, he worked as a producer most of the time. His songs are very often rather cheery, now and then even odd, but sometimes he happened to be serious.
In the sixties, when this song was written, trains seemed to fade from the scene. Fortunately this prediction was wrong. Even in USA, where the legally voted president stands up against environment preserving laws, people are awakening.
The song was first recorded by Bobby Bare, in 1967. 1970-album "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash" contains a cover minus the last verse. And Jack himself let it go on posthumously released album "For Once and for All" (2014).
G        D7          G                     G7        C
I get a sad kind of feeling when I see a passenger train
         Am7                  G     ...E
in this fast movin' world we live in
A7                            D7
nobody rides them much these days
G          D7        G                         G7             C
maybe I'm just sentimental cause I know that things have to change
        Am7                    G       ...E
but I still like to go for a train ride
      Cmaj7        D7          G
cause I've got a thing about trains
G        D7     G   ...G7
train  train  train
C               Am7        G
you're out of place these days
     C               Am7      G  ...E
but you've had your days of glory
Cmaj7    D7     G
train  train  train
G major
G seventh
D seventh
C major
A seventh
E major
A minor seventh
C major seventh
Jack Clement