I Give You the Morning - chords, tab and comments

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A skilled craftsman in songwriting - combining bitter satire, material of tender and romantic nature and children's songs - Paxton has been widely covered by other artists without having commercial success himself. But he has never attempted to commersialize his act, either. Typically, one of his many albums were named "New Songs for Old Friends"(1973). John Denver recorded "Whose Garden Was This?", Judy Collins cut "The Hostage", *everybody* covered "The Last Thing on My Mind" and I am especially fond of this tribute to a life partner.
A                                D          A
ever again the morning creeps across your shoulder
A                                    D         A
through the frosted window pane the sun grows bolder
F#m                       Bm7                    E       E7
your hair flows down your pillow  you're still sleeping

              A                D
I think I'll wake you now and hold you
           A                 D
tell you again the things I told you
F#m                       Bm7     E       E6           A
behold : I give you the morning  hmmm  I give you the day
A major
D major
B minor seventh
F sharp minor
E major
E seventh
E sixth
Tom Paxton