I Shall Be Released - chords, tab and comments

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Though written sometimes in the sixties, Dylan didn't officially cut this himself until US "Greatest Hits Vol.2", 1975. And then with pleasing assistanse from Happy Traum. Three more unreleased famous songs got the same treatment during the same September recording session: "You Ain't Going Nowhere", "Tomorrow Ia a Long Time" and "Down in the Flood" (Crash on the Levee).
A                             Bm
they say everything can be replaced
E6          E              A
yet every distance is not near
A                    Bm
so I remember every face
E6        E               A
of every man who puts me here

A                     Bm
I see my light come shining
E6        E                 A
from the west down to the east
A             Bm
any day now  any day now
E6  E          A
I shall be released
A major
B minor
E major
E sixth
Bob Dylan