I Still Miss Someone - chords, tab and comments

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This song was first released as flip side of "Don't Take Your Guns to Town" 1958; the first Cash single on Columbia. It is co-written by Johnny's nephew Roy Cash, Jr. and is very simple. It can be harmonized more advanced; adding minors here and there. I usually like to do such things, but this is a case I find it unnecessary. Less is more.
G      C                   D7
at my door the leaves are falling
C             D7       G
a cold wild wind will come
  C                     D7
sweethearts walk by together
    C        D7       G
and I still miss someone
             C         D7         G
you know I never got over those blue eyes
    C        D7    G
I see them everywhere 
   C            D7         G
I missed those arms that held me
      C      D7        G
when all my love was there
G major
C major
D 7th
Johnny Cash